Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The crosses we all bear

I’m seeing press about the “wackier” side of SL crop up. What I am not seeing is mention that vampires, scantily clad females, and leatherfolks were not the only people attending this convention.

Of course not, who wants to read that an exceptional group of academics gathered to potentially change the way learning happens.

Instead, the people who read these stories, the people who pay the fees to make sure the magazine can print these stories, they all want to see pictures of a buxom girl pulling around a guy with a collar.

So how much are we to blame and how much is the media to blame. And I don’t mean “we” as in those who went to the conference or support Second Life – I mean we as a media-consuming public.

We accept these standards, well, some of us do, anyway

It just seems, though, that saying “stop paying attention”, but that seems almost as silly as the “don’t buy gas for one day” idea. Neither are silly in principle…application is another thing.

So what can we do? What do YOU think we can do?