Friday, August 3, 2007

Push v. Pull

And now, ladies and gentlemen - let's get ready to rumblllllllllllllllleeeeeeee!

In this corner, the current champion and the way most people do things.....Pull Technology. In the other corner, the challenger, and the friend of those who are deluged with digital media, Push Technology.

A recent discussion on the SLED list, started by Sarah Robbins, centers on "a mailbucket site that is archiving our list" making the "archives public on a non-member website."

If someone wants to know what conversations are going on on the SLED list they can join and then search the list. What is happening now is that this compiling is causing email to be posted publicly, outside the list, and that is being picked up by other services like Google Alerts (which is how I found out about it)

I'll be honest that I am a bit concerned. Not that I would ever say anything that, as one member on the SLED list said, I wouldn't want to see posted on a highway billboard. But how the SLED list deals with this is something that needs to be handled by those on the SLED list.

Here is what I see as more of a meta-question this issue brings up....when is push and pull technology appropriate? Is this even a relevant question, meaning, it doesn't matter if information is pushed down to us or we have to go pull it up.

I believe that there ARE times when push and pull technology needs to be used prudently. What do you think?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

A quote about writing and grammar

I am not sure when this was written, I just found it on a piece of napkin - but I obviously liked it when I wrote it and I still like it now.

"Thinking of writing just in terms of grammar is like thinking of painting just in terms of paint brushes."

Handwriting Analysis

Ok - I didn't think much of this when I former student sent it to me, but I went through it myself and it was spot-on accurate!

You must check this out, it does rock!

Newton has been hit too hard on the head with an Apple

The blog I post to for work is called Newton. Newton is an Apple server. Well, it seems as if every time we do a security update required by Apple, it borks the server. So, subsequently, my work blog is off line.

We've been talking about switching for SharePoint for some time and this has provided the onus to do so. So, I'm not sure at the moment how long Newton will be off line and the url for my work blog will be changing in the future anyway. I'll post the information here once I know more.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

NMC Fellowship to SLCC

I would like to thank Larry Johnson and all the folks over at NMC who considered my application for the NMC Fellowship for the Second Life Community Convention (SLCC)
and awarded me the Fellowship.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with NMC, general information can be found here:
Information on their involvement in Second Life can be found here: and here:

NMC is the lead sponsor of the SLCC Education Track

I will be blogging here from the Convention, so make sure to check back.

Are you planning on going to this year’s convention? In Chicago? Did you go to last years? If so (to either), feel free to add your thoughts here.