Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today was a blah day for me on the Web 2.0 front. I didn’t have anything I REALLY wanted to try out. If you have suggestions of apps you like, leave them in comments and I’ll give them a try.

My day started with a very interesting comment from someone in my recent blog entry. I thought for a long time about allowing the comment to post or not. I have my comments moderated, for a reason. As the day went on I started to feel more and more sorry for this person, it seems as if they can’t even feel a brief moment of joy from something as simple as the linked video. I then encouraged folks to leave comments. A couple did, and I encourage you to as well, but a few wrote to me directly saying they felt SO strongly that they didn’t want to put that kind of thing in print.

Then I poked around at Meezmo. Meh, didn’t really interest me. In fact, I really had to dig around the site to get a good idea what it was really all about. Perhaps I was just being think.

Then I spent some time trying to figure out how to get pictures from my phone to Flickr. I can’t send them by email because for some reason my email (google) gets stuck in the sent box and never sends. I tried some of the troubleshooting, but for some reason it will not work.. There are a couple of tools listed on the Flickr site, but two of them don’t support iPhone and the other wants me to download something from the iTunes store, but isn’t that just for the new iPhone? Perhaps I missed something, and am about to make a fool of myself, but I didn’t think I could download apps to my iPhone. I’m happy to be corrected if I’m wrong.

I posted to Twitter that I was looking for Web 2.0 apps to check out, so we’ll see if anyone posts back. In the meantime, I’ll be on vacation for the next week or so. That doesn’t mean I’ll be entirely off the grid, but I won’t be doing “work” work. So my next update of tested apps might not be until sometime the week of the 21st. In the meantime, hopefully a few of you, or others in my extended network, can recommend a few for me to kick off the second half of the summer checking out.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


In my ongoing effort to learn more about cool and useful Web 2.0 apps, today I signed up for Diigo. Although I know Diigo is not brand spanking new (I usually don’t like to be the first person to kick tires), I’ve recently seen a few people in my network talk about this service. So I decided to try it out.

The sign up was easy. There is a very well constructed video on the main page (you can also find it HERE on YouTube) that did a good job of letting me know what to expect. It was less of a promotional piece and more of an informational one.

As I was going through the sign up process I decided to drop a note on Twitter to see what others thought and felt about Diigo. A colleague here at MSU, one I greatly respect, responded right away that she uses it and likes it. It was good, positive reinforcement while I was going through he short and relatively painless sign up process.

They do give you the option to search Gmail for anyone who might be on the service, but in light of the fiasco last year with a viral web 2.0 app nightmare (which I won’t name, but I’m sure some of you remember), I never send something to all my friends or to a list. I prefer to send to folks directly (and as side note, I prefer to get my invites that way also).

After signing up a searched for a few friends I figured would be on there and sent them a personal invite. I then dropped a note to Twitter and mentioned that I’d signed up and my username is SORRY_AFK, and invited anyone who had a Diigo account to friend me. Its kind of a test of social networking to see how many people I can get in my Diigo network in 24 hours. Be warned, Diigo puts a toolbar in your web browser – so there is a small bit of set up, but it was quite simple and looks really intuitive and easy to use.

To that end, if you are reading this, feel free to friend me. :-)

I have not tested Diigo yet – I figured I would do that when something came up naturally, instead of forcing it. I do use another social bookmarking service, but I use that more for ALL my bookmarks, not just my professional ones. Its not that I have anything up there that would really matter, but my goal is to use Diigo for career-type stuff and share that with everyone, the other will stay more for personal stuff.

Do you use Diigo? If so, what are your thoughts? If you checked it out and do not use it, why not? Are there other services that do the same thing that you prefer? What and why? Any great Diigo groups (communities?) you like and would recommend?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt? He's EVERYWHERE, today!

Today was a very good day. A lot of fun, cool, and wonderful things happened today. As it also so happens, I spent time at the start of my day the same way I just spend a few minutes now.

Early this AM a really good friend of mine sent me a link to a video called “Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)” Now, I usually don’t follow any of these links but for some reason I did.

If you have not seen this video, watch it right now.

No, seriously, if you didn’t watch it – do that right now. If you’ve seen it before, watch it again – I’m sure you won’t mind.

This video dispels two really important myths that some people believe:
1. Social media has no value (yes, there are people who think this)
2. Nothing good ever happens in a big way, only bad.

This video has been around like mad. Everyone I know has linked to it today, or Twittered it, or Facebooked it, or FriendFeeded it, or....well....or [insert appropriate social media name here]. Who can keep up?

I think it’s ironic that I first got it by email – how so very 10 minutes ago. Ironic.

If you don’t’ get a smile out of this video, check your pulse. This is a wonderful celebration of life and the human spirit. How we are all so different but ultimately all very much the same. That the only thing that separates us are those who are trying to control us. Well, of course it’s not quite so simple in every spot on the Earth, but I do believe that the spirit of that does live within each of us.