Wednesday, August 1, 2007

NMC Fellowship to SLCC

I would like to thank Larry Johnson and all the folks over at NMC who considered my application for the NMC Fellowship for the Second Life Community Convention (SLCC)
and awarded me the Fellowship.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with NMC, general information can be found here:
Information on their involvement in Second Life can be found here: and here:

NMC is the lead sponsor of the SLCC Education Track

I will be blogging here from the Convention, so make sure to check back.

Are you planning on going to this year’s convention? In Chicago? Did you go to last years? If so (to either), feel free to add your thoughts here.


Laura Nicosia said...

Congratulations, AJ! You deserve support for your work and ideas. I'm proud to call you a friend and colleague.

AJ said...

Awww - Laura - thanks. I'll write that check for you on Wednesday. :-)

Seriously, thanks - coming from you that means so much.