Tuesday, January 29, 2008

These folks will be running the show some day

A huge thanx to Barbara Feldman for passing along this video

The segment of 60 Minutes talks about Millennials in the workplace, but I think it has real relevance to the academic environment. The attitude the segment is discussing regarding students performance and integration into the work environment is very much the same as what I believe we are seeing in the classroom.

So, do we adapt the way the segment suggests business do? Is the Ivory Tower crumbling at the base? Has the day of "You have to learn this way because I learned this way." gone the way of the 8-Track? Or is it our place to set the standard of learning style and let the students be the ones to adapt. I'm not talking about content here, since I think we've already seen that content can be delivered in many different ways. I'm referring specifically to deliver methodology.

What do you think? Feel free to comment whether you watch the video or not, but I'm very interested in hearing for anyone who does watch it.

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I_alvarius said...

I cannot imagine how they dream there are more jobs than there are young people to fill them. Have they never heard of outsourcing? Immigration>? How the 'world is flat." Technological process? Also, what about the highly competitive young people who are trying into the top schools? I thinks what might happen is that many of these young people will have their lunch eaten by those who will want to work. Do they also not know how the middle class is shrinking?