Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our hosts - University of Minnesota

Special thanks to Ann Hill Duin, Associate Vice President and Associate CIO, and the University of Minnesota, for hosting this conference. At check-in I received a nice packet of information including a one-page "Did you know?" that included the following:

* The first pacemaker was invented at the University of Minnesota

* Scientists at the U of M isolated Uranium 235

* The heart-lung machines was invented and used in first successful open-heart surgery

* The U of M was involved in the development of the "black box" flight recorded

* A U of M engineer created the first retractable, locking automobile seat belt

* Doctors at the U of M performed the first bone marrow transplant

* The father of the supercomputer graduated from the U of M

* The Internet's first search and retrieval system called Gopher was invented at the U of M and paved the way for the World Wide Web.

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