Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Metaversed's Tue. Geek Meet

This week’s Tuesday Morning Geek Meet from the folks at Metaversed is a presentation with Biz Stone, co-founder and creative director of Twitter. The session was moderated by Ziggy Figaro.

The format to start was Ziggy asking some questions and Biz providing brief answers. Here are my notes:

Stone explained that the limits on characters is set pretty much by SMS standards and that, although most people are posting fairly innocuous things (what I had for breakfast, etc…) it has also proved useful in getting information out fast, and the recent bridge collapse was an example. It’s a quick and simple way to get brief information to the folks in your network.

There are a number of Twitter bots that will do things like remind you to do something (by sms) give the weather, subway schedules, etc….

The future – they are following how people are using the service and trying to make improvements based on that. Search and groups are both often requested.

After just under 30 minutes the floor was opened to questions.

Apparently someone who uses Twitter is called a Tweeter. I was calling my self a Twitterer – which I like better.

I asked “If you had to pick the number one area you are focusing efforts on right now, what would it be?” The first answer was hiring. The second answer, more hiring.

There was conversation about an SL/Twitter item called Twitterbox, I’m trying to find out where to get one.

The event lasted 45 minutes and then a bunch of folks stood around and chatted, which is a part of each meeting.

Biz Stone has a blog –

This was a very well attended event, more so than the Metaversed Live event I went to last Thursday. My guess is that SL geeks are also Twitter geeks (like me).

This picture proves that there ARE people in Second Life. These people either heard about this event and planned to be here or, like me, got a notice while I was already in-world and decided to rearrange what I was doing to attend. Of course, being a Twitterer, I was interested in the guest. But this shows that Second Life is well served as an event based medium.

A nice event, informal, informative, and a good networking opportunity. I added a few new folks to my Twitter, which is

If you want to find out about these events, you can join the Metaversed group (which you can find from the SEARCH function in the GROUPS tab) or by joining the group THINGS TO DO, which covers more than just Metaversed stuff – although it does generate a lot of activity.

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