Monday, January 21, 2008

Need help finding Second LIfe builds

Below is a list of the social issues my students will be provided. They will have an option to choose several to write about throughout the course of the semester. I am looking for builds in Second Life that would be appropriate to send them to to "experience" some aspect of these issues.

If you can think of any builds, or have the SLURLs, or would like to add an issue, please do so in the comments.

Social Issues
Abortion, Adoption, Affirmative Action, Ageism, AIDS/HIV, Alcoholism, Alternative Energy, Animal Experimentation, Animal Rights, Assisted Suicide, Athletes, Biological Weapons, Birth Control, Censorship, Chemical Weapons, Child Abuse, Church and State, Civil Rights, Cloning, Creationism vs. Evolution, Crime, Criminal Justice, Death and Dying, Death Penalty, Discrimination, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Drinking, Drug Abuse, Drug Control, Drug Legalization, Drug Trafficking, Drugs and Athletes, Drunk Driving, Eating Disorders, Education and Education Systems, Endangered Species, Environmental Policy, Environmentalism, Ethnic Relations, Euthanasia, Evolution vs Creationism, Family Relations, Gambling, Gay Marriage, Gay Rights, Genetic Engineering, Genocide, Global Warming, Gun Control, Gun Rights, Hate Crimes, Health Care Reform, Health Insurance, Home Ownership, Homeland Security, Homelessness, Human Rights, Illegal Immigration, Immigration, Internet, Islamic Fundamentalism, Juvenile Drug Abuse, Juvenile Offenders, Legalization of Marijuana, Mafia, Media Violence, Medical Ethics, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Middle East Conflict, Nuclear Weapons, Nutrition, Oceans, Organ Donation, Outsourcing, Pollution, Population Growth, Pornography, Poverty, Prisons, Public Assistance, Race Relations, Racism, Rape, Religion, Religious Fundamentalism, Right of Privacy, Same-Sex Marriage, School Violence, Sex Education, Sexism, Sexual Behavior, Smoking, Social Security, Stem Cell Research, Suicide, Teen Pregnancy, Terrorism, U.S. Foreign Relations, Underage Drinking, Video Game Violence, Violence, War, War Crimes, War in Iraq, Water Pollution, Weightism, Welfare Reform, White Fight, Women in the Military, Working Poor, Working Women, Youth Issues


marfita said...

gender square:

Death by Design exhibit

I also have a large selection of religious sites in SL on my Flickr account (cathedrals, temples, mosques) - some of which have the slurls:
And there is a Humanism area:
humanism garden:

Anonymous said...

Sexual Health SIM - University of Plymouth

(includes contraception, avoiding STI's, preserving fertility):

Ignatius Onomatopoeia said...


I have prepared a folder of LMs for my eng. 216 class ("Invented Worlds" at ). I'll drop that inventory on you when I'm in-world.

For starters however, the SL homeless community has built quite a world at Caletta...and as a journalist I'm covering the Jessie sim, home to two wars between residents and still a place whose entry point says "You can die here."

I actually pack a SL gun when I go there. Good place to explore the culture of violence and how it reflects in virtual worlds.

Hope this helps!