Friday, January 25, 2008

We are not alone

No - I'm not talking about little green men or thin metal scraps. I'm talking about the lonely existence the CHSS Island has led for these last 9 months.

For 9 months we've been way out here all by ourselves - nothing but water as far as the eye can see. Don't get me wrong, we've been very happy to have the peace and quite compared to the mainland, but we've always looked forward to the day were we'd have neighbors to play with.

That day has come. Congratulations to Gregg and Joe over in the ADP Center, part of the College of Education and Human Services. Along with Suchita, from OIT, Gregg and Joe have given birth to a bouncing baby sim. With a little assistance from me, the island has been moved along the northern shoreline of the CHSS Island.

The CEHSADP Island is so brand new that land textures and building have not even begun, but it'll get there soon enough.

The Amphitheater will be pivoted clockwise 45 degrees and moved so it straddles both sims - this makes it a wonderful shared resource. Now, instead of being able to host 40-60 avatars, or whatever one sim can hold, because its on two sims, that number effectively doubles.

The CHSS Resource Center will come down and will be replaced with a shared Orientation Area, which will also cover both sims. The brick and wood two story building, which will soon become the home of the Sprague Library, will be moved over right along the sim line and then both entrances will be well used.

Ok - so, now its time to plan a Welcome Party!

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