Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ya learn something new every day!

For some time now I've been saying how I want to check out some of the really interesting applications that are out there. I see folks posting to listserves or blogging about things they are checking out and I never really found....er....made the time to begin digging into any of them.

Well, after some time to think over spring break, and to get a bit caught up, I decided to make it part of my mission at work to check out something new every day.

Today, I started in Ning. Ning claims that is is intended to "give everyone the opportunity to create your own social networks for anything" It took me less than 15 minutes and I'd signed up for an account, gotten through the set up, and now I have my own network.

I'm not entirely sure what to do with it yet :-) but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Do any of you already have an Ning network? If so, post the link here and we can link up? Interested in learning more about Ning - simple - go to http://www.ning.com


AJ said...

Ok, so I've spent some more time poking around and I'd really be interested in what other folks see as the relevance and functionality.

There are a lot of great features, and I guess the benefit is that they are all in one place here. That is definitely something that could be useful to someone who is teaching.

They have groups, a place to post photos, email to members, badges, a blog, etc...but I just haven't seen anything yet that makes me go WOW!

The Google ads on the right hand side are annoying - very annoying - especially given that the content of some of them is questionable (at least I'm not sure I would want to have those on a site my students would be going to), but thats just me.

The right column is what appears on all pages - so if you move a feature onto that side, it can be seen from every page, but only if folks scroll down past the Google ads.

Am I missing something?

pfanderson said...

With the new social functionality added by Wetpaint, the real conversation now is whether Wetpaint or Ning is the BYO-network tool of choice. I would REALLY like to use ELGG, but that means I have to have control of a server and preferably also a programmer. There are some really dynamic socnets in Ning, tho, and I find those very valuable. The build-it-they-will-come idea is .... less attractive. And less useful, these days.